Welcome To Department of Turkish

HOD Message

Dr. Sibel Bayram



Since its establishment Turkish Language department has been putting efforts to introduce Turkish Language as well as to promote Turkish culture. Turkish Embassy at Islamabad has always been a source of encouragement for the department. In order to equip the department with the modern audio visual aids, on the recommendation of the Turkish Embassy, a language lab was installed by TIKA (The Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry, The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency). Turkish Department was keen to start the degree program. With the approval of the Higher Education Commission of Republic of Turkey, an MOU was signed in between NUML (National University of Modern Languages) and Yunus Emre Institute In 2012. Within the framework of this MOU Turkish Department has launched its first BS (4 year) Turkish Language Teaching Program. This program has brought a positive change in the department. Post degree programs will be added as well. This strong cooperation and collaboration between NUML and YEI will pave way to the progress of the Turkish Language Department in connection with the futuristic aspects of academic, scientific and cultural plans for teaching and training.

Our Vision

Our department has focused on two goals;
To teach functional Turkish Language comprising general culture history and general information about Turkey to foreigners especially Pakistanis; which is among the languages to be learnt as a global requirement for communication in terms of economy, politics, culture and arts.
To train Turkish Language teachers through BS, MS & PhD programs at NUML which is a language university along with the exchange programs at Turkey and to hand over Turkish Department to highly qualified (PhD holders) Pakistani teachers to meet the futuristic professional requirements related to all walks of the life.

Our Mission

Turkish Language is
among the oldest languages of the world.
Presently 220 million people speak Turkish.
Holds 5th position among the most popular languages of the world i-e Chinese, English, Spanish and Hindi language.
Turkish is getting popular throughout the world.
In more than 80 countries Turkish is being taught at middle school level whereas it is offered as an elective subject at the university level.