Welcome to Publication Branch

Functions and Duties

1-Provide quality printing services to the main campus and regional campuses of NUML like Exam Answer Sheets, NUML Research Journals, Annual Reports, and Banners etc. of Conference/Workshops and other seminal events of the university
2-Formatting of the documents  like Books, Magazines, Brochures,  Certificates, Newsletters  
3-Designing material for all the events organized by the University (Convocation, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
4-Providing binding facility of material to all the departments/ offices.
5-Provision of office related material to the main campus and regional Campuses of NUML like File Covers, Envelopes, and Letter Pads.
6-Circulation of Exam Answer sheets to main campus and regional campuses of the university
7-Official Photocopy services to the university.