Milestone Achieved
NUML Webportal 100%
NUML Paperless environment (NEWS) 80%
NUML CMS(Admission, Finance, Library module completed, Core module in progress) 60%
Video Conference with all Regional Campuses 100%
Student Biometric Attendance System (Pilot proj completed, to be extended to all blocks and RCs) 60%
FMS-Financial Management System – On maturity of CMS 0%
ERP level initiative after CMS/FMS 0%
HRMS-Human Resource Management System (Basic data modules-Inhouse) 0%
LMS (fully function with embedded video conference module- integration with CMS and ERP is next step) 60%
CALL – Computer Aided Language Learning software and environment (Lang Labs establishment) 60%
Translation & Interpretation Lab (Enhancement to modern T&I Setup) 60%
Centralized printing (in each major building/block ) 60%
VOIP Exchange (including RCs important numbers with Video facility)- planned in 2020 25%
VRooms for RCs (Gawadar eRoom fully functional, temp provision through VC Setup for all RCs) 50%
eMail Services upgradation with precise grouping (Future-Establishment of own server after ERP/HRMS) 0%
Data Center Enhancement with State of art Servers and Firewall by 2020 60%
Improvement of Class Room Environment (Ph-1 completed, Ph-2 by end 2020) 60%
Enhancements in Lab Environemnet including old equipment replacements (ph1 completed, ph-2 by end 2020) 70%
Official email (Ph-1 all faculty and management) 100%
Official email (Ph-2 all Students by 2020) 20%